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Using Social Media for Kickstarter Campaign Success

Social media is a platform that is capable of both targeting a specific audience and driving broad awareness in a timely manner. Recently, our team leveraged the channel to help a brand meet its goals for a unique project: a Kickstarter campaign.

Lightseekers, an adventure video game that combines augmented reality, physical trading cards, and action figures, wanted to raise awareness prior to its Kickstarter campaign, which would launch a 30-day time period for Lightseekers become fully funded.

A Kickstarter campaign relies on pledges from friends, fans, investors, and others to bring creative projects to life within a specific timeframe. Its prosperity also depends on a well-designed marketing strategy to drive awareness surrounding the campaign. Lightseekers brought in Rise’s social media team a week before the Kickstarter launch to quickly strategize and create a campaign that would drive pledges and help meet its funding goal.

By understanding the brand’s unique needs, we were able to immediately mobilize and develop a creative social media campaign to generate as much publicity as possible, ultimately resulting in a Kickstarter campaign success story.

Step 1: Strategize
In order to achieve a fully funded campaign with a significant amount of capital, our team broke the project into two different segments: pre-Kickstarter campaign launch and post-Kickstarter campaign launch. In the time leading up to the 30-day Kickstarter campaign, we focused on creating buzz around the game, collecting email addresses from interested consumers, and increasing Lightseekers’ Facebook following.

Step 2: Activate
During the pre-Kickstarter launch, we initiated a lead generation campaign, allowing Facebook users interested in Lightseekers to share their contact information and approve a promotional follow-up. After running this two-week-long campaign alongside a conversion campaign and a Facebook Like campaign, Lightseekers received 6,800 email signups and over 12,000 new Facebook followers.

After the Kickstarter campaign launched, it was time to drive individuals to the site who were likely to donate. To achieve this, our team ran a click-to-website campaign that targeted the 12,000 recently-earned followers, as well as the new email registrants.

Step 3: Test & Measure
Rise then enlisted our creative team to continually optimize Lightseekers’ Facebook page and make adjustments that were on-brand, responsive, and in-line with Facebook best practices. By integrating creative design into social media, segmenting the existing audience, developing new audiences, and A/B testing creative ad copy, Lightseekers was able to convey clear calls to action and verify that the campaign drove significant traffic to its Kickstarter page.

By taking a strategic approach, acting quickly, and continually optimizing for the greatest results, we were able to help Lightseekers target the right audience with the right messaging. As a result, the brand surpassed its fundraising goal in a short amount of time.

To learn how your brand can use social media to meet your unique business goals, reach out to Rise.

02/01/2017 at 03:16