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Video | How to Scale on Amazon Profitably

Amazon advertisers: what is your goal on the marketplace? Are you focused on acceleration by capturing revenue at all costs? Or do you follow a balanced approach on growing market share and profitability to scale revenue?

Dan Ripes, VP of Account Management at Rise, joined our partners at Sellics during a live conversation to discuss how we help our clients grow and scale while improving profitability on Amazon. He shared the following takeaways:

  • It all starts with having the right conversations. Marketing and Finance should be in alignment and share product profit margins and media data so that data-driven decisions can be made about the best way to scale your Amazon program.
  • Identify the right efficiency to optimize the budget by learning which products should be pushed via advertising spend or promotion based on performance.
  • There are many pieces involved in determining the average sale price for a product. Some pieces are fixed (e.g. Amazon fee, distribution, shipping, etc.), but determining the right balance between ad and promotional spend can help from an overall margin perspective.

Watch the entire conversation below.


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08/31/2020 at 02:06