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Warming the Mailbox Through Digital Advertising

While traditional advertising is an effective way to build brand awareness and reach new customers, brands can waste up to 80% of media dollars to reach the right users. Traditional advertising also lacks a way to measure audience-level performance in order to determine if you are reaching the right customers with your targeting. And with limited measuring capabilities, it can be difficult to course-correct swiftly to positively impact marketing results.

Enter digital advertising, where brands can mitigate wasted spend by reaching the right users, at the right time and place, with the right message. This allows marketers to gain granular visibility on the impact of these dollars, and to adjust their strategy going forward. Below are three key advantages digital advertising can provide over traditional marketing:

1. The ability to get more granular

When buying ad space digitally, marketers are able to focus media dollars towards audiences that matter to them in order to spend their budget more efficiently. Creating audiences based on deterministic behavioral, geographical, or interest-based data, allows marketers to reach targeted prospective customers in unique ways. For example, rather than assuming you are reaching a new mom by buying ‘relevant’ traditional television or radio spots, buying digitally allows new mom personas to be created and targeted based on their grocery store purchases, the types of apps on their phone, or the places they drive to.

2. Deliver a more personalized ad experience

When the right user is served an ad, it is the creative (imagery and messaging) that drives them down the funnel by matching that user’s place in the purchase journey. Buying digitally allows brands to deliver a personalized ad experience—such as an ad featuring a product the user just viewed, imagery relating to the user’s current life stage, or customized messaging—which that exact user will be most susceptible to. This customized experience could be the piece needed that compels a previously-uninterested user to reconsider making a purchase.

3. Superior reporting capabilities

Through the expansive and precise reporting capabilities accompanying digital advertising, marketers can gain insight into the effectiveness of each dollar spent. Digital reports provide transparency into user engagement and behavior during and after ad exposure which can be broken out granularly through the time of day, location, demographics, audience, or site. Not only do these reports close the loop by providing clear insight into the next best steps to take, but they shed light on the makeup of the brand’s clientele to inform business decisions as a whole.

In a world where consumers see upwards of 5,000 ads per day, the need for marketers to find the right customer and show them a relevant ad is vital to a successful marketing campaign.

If you're already using traditional advertising tactics, stay tuned for my next blog detailing how marketers can evolve and complement their current strategy by incorporating digital. Contact Rise to get started.

11/13/2019 at 01:34