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What Makes a "Riser"? Insights from Our Talent Acquisition Team

As a member of our talent acquisition team, my colleagues and I are often asked What’s the culture like at Rise? What type of candidate do you look for? or What makes someone successful at Rise? The answer to all of these can be addressed by one statement. We hire someone who’s a Riser.

In fact, at Rise, we’ve developed a list of eight specific attributes that we look for in candidates and use these as a way to help grow and develop current staff. These range from responsiveness and putting the customer first, to accountability, being a team player, and remaining humble. While we’re a diverse company, made up of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, these key attributes help ensure we’re aligned as a company and best positioned for success.   

For me, I believe that if you hire the right people within any organization, things will grow organically. Risers don’t take “no” for an answer. They always strive to do their best while simultaneously having their teams in mind. A Riser is smart, humble, ambitious, and knows how to “get stuff done.” There is something to be said about collaborating in the same room with people who won’t settle for anything other than perfection for our clients.

Members of our Talent Acquisition team: (Left to right) Brooke Hanson, Talent Acquisition Associate; Chris Juliano, Talent Acquisition Manager; Kate Kiely, Senior Talent Acquisition Associate


If you ask my colleague Kate, Rise's senior talent acquisition associate, she’ll highlight the fact that Risers come from a variety of different backgrounds—from their majors to their colleges and universities, and professional experiences.

“We see differences as strengths, and know we benefit from unique perspectives around the table. While we embrace the diversity of our Risers, we all hold the same core values.

“Every Riser is driven, hungry, passionate, and never satisfied. We are ever-investigating, challenging convention, and looking between the lines to find new ways to improve old ideas. Risers challenge the status quo, and the drive of our employees has taken Rise from a start-up to where we are today: an agency over 200-strong and growing.” 

From the perspective of Brooke, our talent acquisition associate, a Riser is someone who is always willing to go to the next level.

“Risers confront challenges head-on with a can-do attitude and are always looking for new and innovative solutions. They are agile and accountable. Risers are never satisfied with doing average work and they demand excellence from themselves. They are lifelong learners who are always striving to be better.

“Our agency has always operated with the mantra ‘Hire smart people, teach them digital marketing,’ and Risers are a testament to the success of that mantra. They’re creative, analytical thinkers who are passionate about they work they do and enjoy collaborating with others around them. While Risers may differ in terms of their past experiences, these are the ties that bind them.”

By championing these characteristics, Risers have shaped Rise Interactive into the formidable agency that it is today. It is certainly true that the people make the place, and Risers make our agency an amazing place to grow and innovate, while making a true impact on our clients’ business goals.

To read more about what it’s like to work at Rise, check out this post, or read more about our culture on Built In Chicago or Glassdoor. Interested in becoming a Riser? Visit our careers page.

03/24/2016 at 12:00