Driving Amazon Profitability at Scale

Amazon Sponsored Ads Case Study

Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax is the ‘Most Innovative Brand in Car Care’ with the No. 1 selling spray wax, car wash, & carpet & fabric products.

The Challenge

As Turtle Wax customer behavior shifted more heavily to shopping on Amazon, Turtle Wax knew they needed a comprehensive Amazon advertising strategy to retain visibility on Amazon and drive sales. Turtle Wax partnered with Rise to scale profitably amidst challenges:

  • Risk of Amazon shutting advertising off for low price point items, referred to as “CRaP” (Can’t realize any profit)
  • Need to accelerate and scale Amazon sales quickly, while improving efficiency

The Strategy

Account Rebuild to Improve Media Efficiency (ROAS, ACoS)
Mined and organized all historic converting query data to determine optimal new account structure. Expanded from 10 campaigns with many keywords, to hundreds of campaigns with fewer, more specific keywords to improve efficiency with better bid control and precision.

Product Bundling Strategies and Monitoring CRaP
Reduced CRaP-related advertising issues and improved profitability by promoting product bundles with a higher AOV. Shifted spend from low price point items to bundled products to minimize CRaP outages.

Scalable Keyword Discovery and Bid Strategy
Leveraged auto campaigns and mined query performance data to discover new keywords to add to more robust manual campaigns. Shifted budget mix from auto campaigns to manual campaigns to maximize spend on top performing keywords and scale revenue.

The Result

The granular Sponsored Ads account structure made it easier to identify wasted spend and re-deploy it into higher ROI keywords. Bundling strategies and bid optimization also propelled Turtle Wax’s efficiency and scale, driving massive performance improvements YoY (2018 vs 2017). Turtle Wax was able to achieve 318% YoY revenue increase with only 205% spend increase, along with:


decrease in CPC


increase in ROAS


decrease in ACoS