Team + Technology Approach to Boosting Website Traffic

SEO + CX Case Study

Dairy Management Inc.

Dairy Management Inc.™ (DMI) works to increase demand for dairy products through the management of 4 subsidiary brands, each with its own focus and audience: National Dairy Council, American Dairy Association, U.S. Dairy, and the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy.

The Challenge

When DMI began its partnership with Rise, it had four separate websites, one for each brand within its business ecosystem. The platforms on each site were insufficient for accomplishing DMI’s business goals. On the backend, internal teams had stopped using the websites as business assets given the difficulty of updating content. On the user’s end, the websites’ navigation and page pathing was not intuitive, made more confusing by the variety of design choices and alternative domains. 

As a result, the websites were overwhelming for the DMI team, search crawlers, and the brand’s audience.

The Strategy

Small Town, Big Expertise: Crafting the Dairy Brand

Rise developed a cohesive digital identity for DMI and its subsidiaries using the data collected in preliminary surveys. The envisioned state of DMI’s brand was then used as inspiration in redesigning page templates according to SEO and UX best practices. Rise’s design balanced a variety of imagery shared by DMI stakeholders:

  • Friendly, yet professional. 

  • Calm, yet bright. 

  • Small town, yet contemporary.

  • Established, but not too inside-baseball. 

Easy, Cheesy Updates: Migrating to User-Friendly Technology

  • Overhauled DMI’s technology stack inclusive of a new enterprise-level CMS, hosting, systems integrations, resource library, and content authoring workflows/governance within the CMS. 

  • Empowered DMI’s team to create and launch content at scale without dependencies on technical resources. 

Moo-ving Home: From Four Websites to One with a Strong Technical SEO Strategy

Rise applied our proprietary technology-enabled approach to website content migration and consolidation: Keep, Combine, Delete (KCD), a process built to retain and maximize as much SEO value as possible. 

  • Developed a database of tens of thousands of pages across DMI’s four websites. 

  • Manually reviewed the pages proven to contribute most to business goals as measured by data points such as page traffic, conversions, and time on site. 

  • Migrated the 60k remaining pages at scale with the aid of technology and automation.

  • Created new page templates with automated image compressions to improve site speed.

  • Completed full site architecture review to improve user experience through a significant navigation update.

The Result

The project took just over a year to redesign, implement, and launch. The final product gave DMI a unified brand while strengthening SEO performance, a key indicator in business growth.


Increase in Organic Traffic YoY compared to Aggregate of 4 Previous Sites

5 sec.

Decrease in Page Load Time


Increase in Organic Traffic YoY to Priority Pages: Recipes


Higher Time on Page to Priority Pages: Dairy Nutrition