Affiliate Cost-Per-Install Campaign Drives Mobile App Success

Affiliate CPI Case Study

Digital Photography Printing Brand

The Challenge

This digital photo printing brand created a mobile app designed to increase customer retention and engagement. Following the release of the app, the brand needed a strategy to drive app adoption.

The Strategy

To drive a rapid volume of installs and increase the app’s category rank in the App Store, Rise recommended an affiliate cost-per-install (CPI) campaign with a dynamic pricing model to competitively purchase in-app banner ads and adjust bids based on performance.

  • Leveraged strong relationships with publisher networks to identify and partner with 30 influential bloggers with highly relevant affinity audiences
  • Planned and launched the campaign in just one week
  • Established a bid ceiling using competitive analysis for quality installs based on users most likely to be engaged in the app
  • Utilized in-app analytics for cross-channel measurement of other install-driving campaigns to accurately identify and attribute installs
  • Used the brand’s existing affiliate network to serve and track install-driving ads, saving the brand a mobile technology fee

The Result


lower CPI than target goal


more app installs than goal