Digital Debut for a Classic Product

Content Marketing & SEO Case Study

Clorox S.O.S

S.O.S soap pads are a classic household product produced by The Clorox Company.

The Challenge

Since 1917, Clorox’s S.O.S soap pads have been a favorite household cleaning item. However, in 2014, S.O.S realized that its marketing efforts were not effectively reaching and engaging with its desired audience, particularly in the digital space. S.O.S wanted to reach a younger audience and reintroduce the value of S.O.S pads into the marketplace.

Teaming up with WindmillNext, a brand strategy agency, Rise provided S.O.S with a complete digital makeover and a data-driven content marketing strategy.

The Strategy

Rise leveraged website traffic history, competitive intel, market research, and search and social media trends to understand what messages would create contextually relevant experiences for S.O.S’s customers.

Through research, Rise uncovered a compilation of insights that indicated S.O.S customers were interested in content that focused on making cleaning faster and easier, specifically product uses, tips, how-to content, and life hacks. In response, Rise strategized and executed a “Who Knew?” integrated marketing campaign and produced a wealth of unique digital content.

Rise restructured S.O.S’s website to address recent competitive and SEO insights, and to overall prioritize the how-to content and develop a social media presence through engaging content.

The Result

Incorporating multiple data insights to inform a new digital marketing strategy, Rise created content for S.O.S. that shared examples and video demonstrations of S.O.S product benefits and use-cases, which generated significant engagement on its website and social media profiles. Within just four months, S.O.S. saw substantial success across the board.


increase in website user engagement and overall traffic


Facebook fans In 6 weeks, surpassing largest competitor


increase in YoY page views