Reaching Qualified B2B Opportunities with Offline Data Integration

Paid Search Case Study

Enterprise B2B Manufacturer

The Challenge

As the B2B buyer’s journey increasingly occurs online, this brand knew that they needed more innovative strategies for deploying digital media to drive qualified opportunities and stay in front of their consumers throughout the purchase process. Their existing search program was optimizing media based on lower-intent actions such as information requests, rather than pushing spend to the keywords and ads that were driving qualified opportunities. Without a strategy or data infrastructure to tie their opportunity data from their CRM to their digital spend, this brand knew they were missing out on a substantial sales volume.

The Strategy

Rise created and executed a multi-part plan to drive more qualified opportunities from search.

Tying Offline Opportunity Data to Online Leads
Rise worked with this brand to integrate their CRM data with their digital media to understand which ads and keywords were driving the most pipeline opportunities, a more qualified conversion point than leads.

Smarter Media Optimization Strategy
The evolved optimization strategy pushed spend behind many previously underinvested keywords that were driving qualified opportunities that converted at a higher rate, even if the cost per lead on those keywords was higher.

ROI-Positive Competitor Conquesting
With more competitors bidding on their branded terms, Rise overhauled this brand’s conquesting efforts with a more efficient strategy. Rise built custom landing pages and ad copy to specifically support bidding on competitors’ branded terms.

The Result


Improvement in Conversion to Opportunity Rate


ROI on Pipeline Value


Improvement in Qualification Rate