Enhancing Content to Increase Visibility

SEO Case Study

NorthShore University HealthSystem

NorthShore University HealthSystem is an integrated healthcare delivery system employing more than 10,000 people with more than 900 primary and specialty care physicians.

The Challenge

NorthShore wanted to increase visibility and drive awareness around its service offerings to both current and potential patients. The difficulty was implementing a strategy that would secure first page real estate in Google search results in a keyword-competitive healthcare market.

The Strategy

Using its SEO Quick Win strategy, Rise Interactive identified areas of opportunity on NorthShore’s site where content, design, and metadata changes could earn first page real estate in Google search results, as well as increase traffic and leads.

On-Site Meta Data Optimization
Rise re-evaluated the page’s URL, title tag, and meta description. By creating a compelling, creative, and most importantly, organic title, Rise effectively boosted the page’s rankings for the targeted keyword. An improved meta description also helped drive more clicks to the site, resulting in additional visits.

Content Creation & Development
To increase the relevancy and quality of the page, Rise created fresh content and optimized it with the most valuable targeted keyword.

Page Layout
By rearranging and optimizing the headings with the targeted keyword, adding internal links, and rearranging the overall organization of the page, Rise ensured the most important content on the page was crawled first, improving relevance, ranking, and traffic to the page.

The Result

NorthShore was able to see significant lifts as a result of Rise’s SEO Quick Win strategy within just one month.


page ranking in Google search


increase in organic traffic


increase in page visits