Hyper-Local Strategy Delivers Results

SEO and Paid Search Case Study

Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital (formerly Miami Children’s Hospital) is a world leader in pediatric healthcare with more than 650 physicians, 3,400 employees, and 130 pediatric specialties and subspecialty offerings.

The Challenge

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s vision is “to be where the children are” and to be a trusted partner to children and their families, not only in times of illness, but throughout their life journeys. Rise partnered with Nicklaus to create a search strategy that would better reflect this promise and effectively reach patients, driving them to request appointments and visit the hospital’s facilities.

The Strategy

Keyword Domination
To help Nicklaus better serve its community, Rise created a hyper-local search strategy enabling the hospital to own as much real estate on the first page of search results as possible. This included creating and optimizing individual Google My Business pages for all physical targeted care centers, such as urgent care and outpatient centers. Then, by developing a paid local strategy consisting of time-of-day targeting and layered geo-targeting based on zip codes, Rise concluded that a five-mile radius proved to be the most efficient target to maximize reach without compromising return and added modifiers for underserviced zip codes within those areas.

Online and Offline Measurement
While search may influence a patient’s decision to choose one of the centers, not all conversions take place online. Rise implemented a phone call reporting solution, along with enhanced ad extensions, to help Nicklaus gain better visibility into the customer journey and measure performance. These insights allowed for continuous optimization which led to additional bid modifiers and ad copy customizations to the highest performing areas and hospitals.

The Result

The coordinated effort between SEO and PPC helped Nicklaus target even more locally and accurately to better serve its patients and their families. Additionally, the brand was able to improve performance for its targeted care centers.


Increase in Local Targeting Conversion Volume


Increase in Local Targeting Conversion Rates


Increase in Calls to Targeted Care Centers