Generating Demand through Cross-Channel Marketing

Cross-Channel Case Study

Global Hospitality Brand

With a network of brands in a variety of locations across the globe, this leading hospitality brand provides service and amenities at their properties that speak to the common vacationer. 

The Challenge

This leading hospitality brand wanted to reach existing customers to increase overall bookings and drive them to visit their timeshares. They were active on Paid Search, but still had available inventory to sell. They needed to find additional ways to effectively generate conversion demand, all while simultaneously decreasing the cost per booking. 

The Strategy

Rise Interactive’s team reviewed the hospitality brand’s existing Paid Search strategy and found they were capturing all existing relevant impressions among their customers. With inventory not at capacity, this proved there were a significant amount of untapped customers not yet actively searching for their offerings.

From there, we leveraged audience research and full-funnel, digital marketing expertise to identify the key moments in time that their customers were engaged digitally outside of Search. We determined an opportunity to expand paid media efforts to higher in the funnel. 

Rise created a two-pronged cross-channel approach to further spread the brand story and drive conversion growth of existing and potential customers at the right time, and at the right digital touchpoints.



First we wanted to make sure their existing paid media was running at its full potential. 

In order to capitalize on their most powerful data for Known audiences, we incorporated an audience segmentation strategy that prioritized their first-party data through CRM lists. 



Paid Search tends to be the lowest paid media channel in the buying funnel, where users go to convert. We needed to fill that funnel more to increase brand awareness. 

We planned and launched Social, Display and YouTube campaigns. This would help reach new audiences and the users from the brand's CRM lists that were not yet actively searching for the brand. 

YouTube launched first, followed by an acceleration of ads on social media, and the launch of programmatic display across the open web. To understand the full user journey throughout the entire sales funnel, we performed correlation analyses to understand the impact that upper funnel media had on the lower funnel bookings.

From these analyses, we determined that the overall leads grew in lockstep with our top-and-mid-funnel media impressions. Plus, each newly launched channel drove an impressive number of impressions and growth


+33% QoQ
7x YoY

*Social drove the most impressions post launch

The Result


Savings in Cost per Booking




More bookings