Authentically Reach Target Audiences with TikTok Creators

Social Media Case Study

National Medical Supply Provider

This national medical supply provider is committed to providing families with the supplies they need, through their insurance policy. In fact, they work with over 1,400 insurance plans to make it convenient for families to choose and order medical supplies, and have them delivered straight to their homes. 

The Challenge

This medical supply provider works closely with health insurance so their consumers have the highest possibility for coverage, which can also make it difficult to market to them due to industry regulations. Knowing there was room to grow, the brand wanted to reach young women searching online for healthcare options. We therefore wanted to expand their social media strategy on TikTok, while working within the restrictions. 

The Strategy

To reach the brand’s target audience of young women searching for healthcare options online, the Rise team put together a two phase recommendation tailored to TikTok's creative strengths and the target market. We used our audience first approach and cross-platform experience to find the most effective strategy. 

Creative is the #1 driver of TikTok ad performance.

Working with our partners at TikTok, we started by recommending the use of the TikTok Creator’s Starter Pack. This was our jumping off point for this platform’s eventual full launch. To implement the Creator’s Starter Pack, we needed to meet initial investment requirements in a specified timeframe and secure three content creators who were willing and able to create video assets during the busiest season of the year. Finding the best fits for content creators was paramount to exceeding goals, as Rise and the client trusted the selected creators would effectively speak on behalf of their brand. 

TikTok Creator's Starter Pack: We’ll match you with verified creators to produce a series of branded videos. Let the best TikTok creators tell your story for you!

We then strategically broke this overall campaign into two phases. For the first phase, the Rise experts created one campaign for each of the three creators. Each campaign contained two videos over the 30 day duration.

For the second phase of the campaign, we used performance data to select the best-performing video ad from each of the three creators, and placed all three video ads into one all-star campaign. Then, we strategically targeted that campaign to three audiences, which we hand-selected based on audience indicators and industry expertise. This second phase lasted 2.5 months.

At the end of the two-phase campaign, its performance was a sweeping success. Below are the results:

The Result


Higher CTR


Lower CPA


Lower CPC