Showcasing the Brand while Increasing the Amazon Conversion Rate

Amazon Sponsored Ads Case Study

Reynolds Consumer Products is a leading provider of household products. The company manufactures and sells world-class brands including Reynolds Wrap, Hefty, Reynolds Kitchens, Diamond, Presto, Geosystems, Fresh-Lock, Slide-Rite, and Alcan.

The Challenge

With marketplaces becoming increasingly more competitive, winning high-visibility ad placements grew more important - and expensive - for Reynolds. Specifically, the Hefty brand needed an efficient approach leveraging paid and organic tactics to beat back competition and boost sales. In addition to optimizing Amazon as a conversion engine, the popular brand also recognized a major opportunity to elevate their brand voice using the platform’s many ad units. 

To accomplish this, they needed to incorporate real customer feedback into brand messaging, develop a data-driven strategy to intelligently allocate budget toward the ads proven to drive conversions, and dynamically increase bids on those ads to ensure auction wins.

The Strategy

Part 1: Maximizing Organic Rank and UX with Keyword Strategy 

Hefty knew they needed a more data-driven approach when deciding which keywords to include on Product Detail Pages (PDPs). To choose the right keywords, Rise created a custom prioritization matrix with the most relevant queries a potential customer would use to search for Hefty products, and then compared these queries against search volume score and ad ROI provided by Amazon to identify the queries with the impact on search performance. 

Once these queries were identified, Rise optimized Hefty’s content for both the Amazon algorithm and the user. 

  • To boost organic performance within Amazon’s algorithm, the team ensured details on product listings such as titles, bullet orders, and number of images were optimized according to search volume and Amazon SEO strategy best practice.

  • To optimize the pages toward a positive user experience, the team leveraged feedback from reviews and questions to speak directly to known differentiators and pain points from their audience within PDP copy.

By adjusting the copy for their trash bags to include the most-searched keywords in the title, Rise and Hefty showcased the brand name while integrating a data-driven method for driving traffic. 

Part 2: Enhancing the Brand Story   

Hefty has a fun brand voice that was showcased in A+ content to communicate with their audience. By looking at search queries, ratings and reviews, and questions customers frequently ask, Rise proactively incorporated images and copy harvested from user commentary in Amazon’s unique A+ content widgets. This imagery also served as an additional opportunity to reiterate Hefty’s rights-to-win with prospective customers as they scroll below the fold.   

Part 3: Dominating the Digital Shelf

For the highest intent keywords, Reynolds needed a strategy to “own the first glance,” meaning that the Hefty brand would be front and center in the search engine result pages both in the top row sponsored brand and sponsored product act. 

Rise generated an ad plan to build a stronger brand presence for Reynolds and drive growth. By combining Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Product ads alongside the right Amazon sponsored products strategy, Rise could flexibly adjust bids and reallocate budget for the most efficient way to keep Hefty at the top of every SERP. This was especially important on mobile searches where the first organic listing appears significantly below the fold. 

Despite an increase in competition, Rise was able to dominate the digital shelf without wasting spend.

Part 4: Evergreen Creative Testing

Rise ran consistent A/B tests to evaluate engagement and sales between creative variations on A+ Content, Sponsored Ads, and Sponsored Brands. As a result, ad copy that underperformed in tests was paused to minimize wasted spend and swapped out for creative proven to drive conversions.   

The Result

With a sophisticated Amazon sponsored products strategy that balanced both brand and performance priorities, Hefty saw significant improvement to KPIs over a 9-month timeframe.


Higher CTR


Higher Conversion Rate


Higher ROAS