American Lung Association

American Lung Association needed a website that felt “modern, clean, decluttered, intriguing, engaging and cohesive”. Visual elements should complement and guide users through the association’s hierarchy of information, removing friction in navigation and highlighting calls-to-action. Through typography, color theory, and UX best practices, Rise needed to tell the brand’s story while efficiently guiding users through their journey.

A "Breathable Experience"

Rise aimed to create a digital home that never felt overwhelming, cluttered, or confusing.

The design language incorporated unique elements to support users throughout their journey while representing the brand with a modern, clean aesthetic. Rise made sure contrast for colors was appropriate for users of all abilities. Subtle animation and motion were also applied to engage users as they scroll and hover. 

Fresh & Clean Visual Elements

As the leading organization for lung health, we were inspired by the “deep breath of fresh air” that American Lung Association strives to provide for its audience. We set out to visually communicate hope, community, and trust through the site design. Starting with the colors, we drew from the rebrand’s color palette to emphasize the blues reminiscent of a clear sky. We used the brand’s darker blue and earthy green to build contrast cues throughout the site, drawing each user’s eye to important website components.

"We have over a million new users every month, so we consider our website to be an extremely important asset of our identity. The highly-anticipated launch date for our new site occurred in a time of uncertainty, but Rise showed agility and commitment to our mission, resulting in a remarkable partnership with American Lung Association."
Julia Fitzgerald
Chief Marketing Officer, American Lung Association