IptiQ, an insurance brand owned by SwissRe, was seeking an innovative partner to support a key inflection point for their brand. They partnered with Rise to innovate their traditional life insurance application process, transforming the experience into an interactive, value-add customer experience.

A Transformative Experience

As we thought through the life insurance journey, we asked ourselves, "how can we evolve a typically-stale process and reimagine it in a more engaging way?

We reconceptualized the formfill experience and blew up the idea of a traditional form. We found opportunities to surprise and delight users by creating an immersive experience for them, beginning with a self selection of an avatar and then changing the world around their avatar as they gave additional information about themselves.

Encouraging Application Completion

By providing multiple ‘universe experiences’ for our users (a dynamic feature based on personal information given) we created an engaging experience that motivated them to continue all the way through the application process, a common obstacle in the life insurance application process.