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Connex Fuels Growth for B2B Brands

Get proactive notifications to take advantage of growth opportunities in real-time across all of your digital media channels, all in one place. Connex allows B2B marketers to integrate CRM data with media performance to optimize toward qualified leads, pipeline, and won revenue for faster growth.

Connex Supercharges Leading B2B Strategies

A B2B services company used Connex to measure and optimize performance of different target account lists across programmatic, LinkedIn, and paid search channels with unique strategies and measurement for each stage of the funnel. With Connex, the brand was able to drive more top-of-funnel engagement by shifting spend across platforms and increase qualified leads by connecting data from the CRM to media performance.

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target accounts reached
qualified leads driven by Paid Media
pipeline generated

Close the Loop

Measure and optimize media spend based on lead quality, pipeline, and won revenue

Full Funnel Insights

Act on performance trends and insights at each stage of the funnel across channels

Smarter Audience Strategies

Compare audience performance of CRM segments, platform targeting, and more

Real Time Alerts

Triggered notifications of territories, services, or audiences outperforming goals with room to scale

Industry Recognition