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Connex Fuels eComm Growth Wherever Your Customers Are

Get a unified view of your marketing channels including Google, Amazon, Walmart, and more. Connex’s always-on technology monitors performance and triggers real-time proactive notifications of growth opportunities across all of the places and platforms your customers prefer.

Connex Supercharges Leading eCommerce Strategies

An enterprise retailer had strict and ever-changing profit margin goals at the product category level which required constant attention to budget pacing. Connex Alerts notified Risers intraday when specific product categories were experiencing demand surges and performing above goal so we could capitalize on the opportunity in real time. Connex Alerts also identified campaigns or products that had reached the point of diminishing returns and recommended budget reductions.

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Average CPC

All Major Platforms Integrated

Connecting walled gardens to uncover areas of opportunity across Google, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, and more

Unified Retail Media Data

Understand what’s working in your retail media ecosystem including Target, Instacart, Home Depot, eBay, and future platforms

Product and Audience Insights

Break down silos and compare product and audience performance side-by-side across platforms

Real Time Alerts

Triggered notifications of products, platforms, locations, or audiences outperforming goals with room to scale

Industry Recognition