Back-to-School Marketing Binge Watch: A Three-Part Series to Prepare for 2023

Welcome to Rise University: We’re excited to welcome you to class with our first-ever Back-to-School Marketing Binge Watch Series! Over the course of three episodes, you’ll spend time with our ‘professors’ (aka, Rise Interactive experts) who will teach you everything from how to approach audience targeting, to measuring incrementality, to strategizing for a full-funnel approach — and more. 

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Below, you’ll see all three episodes in order. Looking to brush up on a specific topic? We’ve provided timestamps for your convenience. Happy learning! 

Episode 1: Audience Targeting in a Privacy-First World: 
Cookies, Walled Gardens, and Identity Explained

There’s a constant swirl of information surrounding data privacy and audience targeting. Rise experts will break down how to tackle concepts like cookieless targeting and walled gardens as these new trends take hold of the digital marketing landscape.

  • 0:00 Introductions and overview 
  • 6:06 Legal consent, access and transparency 
  • 6:44 iOS 14.5 has reduced app-based conversion visibility 
  • 7:31 Third-party cookies 
  • 8:39 The ‘walled garden’ phenomenon 
  • 10:32 1PD monetization creates new ‘walled gardens’ 
  • 11:37 New tactics, strategies and vocabulary in digital marketing 
  • 20:45 Applying new solutions across audience targeting needs 
  • 21:45 Audience targeting and goals 
  • 25:43 Reaching intent groups in a cookieless world 
  • 34:10 Use cases 
  • 39:38 “Final exam”/key takeaways 

Episode 2: Measuring Incrementality: 
A Smarter Way to Drive Marketing Decisions

When it comes to making the most informed, cross-channel budget decisions, it’s important for digital marketers to know exactly how to wield their digital ‘rulers’.  Rise experts will teach you all about incrementality using advanced analytics.

  • 0:00: Introductions and today’s lesson plan 
  • 1:59: The spectrum of measurement approaches and methodologies 
  • 7:14: What is incrementality? And, why are we talking about it now? 
  • 9:46: How incremental analysis differs from marginal analysis 
  • 11:32: Incremental returns identifies how channels perform within the marketing funnel 
  • 13:36 Different methods to evaluate incrementality 
  • 14:48 How Rise approaches incrementality 
  • 18:03 You don’t need perfect data to benefit from incrementality 
  • 19:28 Incrementality case study 
  • 24:33 Case study results 
  • 25:54 “Final exam”/key takeaways 

Episode 3: Overcoming the Full-Funnel Conundrum: 
Making An Awareness-to-Conversion Marketing Strategy a Reality

We wrapped up our Back-to-School Marketing Binge Watch series with this lesson. Rise experts will discuss tackling full-funnel challenges through awareness-to-conversion strategies. 

  • 0:00: Introductions and series recap 
  • 2:11: Lesson plan 
  • 3:09: What does “full funnel marketing” mean to marketers? 
  • 6:15: The reality of executing a full funnel strategy 
  • 11:39: Getting started with a full funnel strategy 
  • 12:33: Understanding how target customers consume media 
  • 14:57: Aligning the right communications task to each stage 
  • 18:09: Structuring top of funnel efforts: tactics & KPIs
  • 21:29: Technology helps “normalize” top of funnel comparisons 
  • 23:20: Structuring top of funnel efforts: creative experience
  • 25:20: Connect with your audience via sequenced messaging
  • 27:16: Understand how creative messages perform
  • 28:21: Factors to consider in determining budget allocation
  • 30:23 Dial channels up/down based on performance of each tactic 
  • 31:17 Proving impact of top of funnel investments 
  • 32:39 Case study example
  • 35:15 How growing spend in the upper funnel grew search by 7x 
  • 36:56 Correlating video impressions with conversions 
  • 38:51 How greater brand visibility generated +506% add’l conversions
  • 42:19 Where can marketers improve? 
  • 42:38 Driving stakeholder alignment is the key to success 
  • 44:51 Share testing roadmap & ongoing learnings 
  • 45:40 Example top of funnel analysis designed to drive alignment 
  • 47:08 “Final exam” & key takeaways

From all of us here at Rise: Thanks for attending our ‘classes’! We hope you’ve learned some refreshing and useful new insights and tips along the way.

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