Episode 1: Audience Targeting in a Privacy-First World: Cookies, Walled Gardens, and Identity Explained

There’s a constant swirl of information surrounding data privacy and audience targeting. Rise experts Natalie Scherer (SVP of Marketing) and Justin Garvin (VP of Media Strategy) break down the details in “Audience Targeting in a Privacy First World: Cookies, Walled Gardens and Identity Explained”. We’ve added timestamps for your convenience below the video. Let the learning begin! 

  • 0:00 Introductions and overview 
  • 6:06 Legal consent, access and transparency 
  • 6:44 iOS 14.5 has reduced app-based conversion visibility 
  • 7:31 Third-party cookies 
  • 8:39 The ‘walled garden’ phenomenon 
  • 10:32 1PD monetization creates new ‘walled gardens’
  • 11:37 New tactics, strategies and vocabulary in digital marketing

  • 20:45 Applying new solutions across audience targeting needs 
  • 21:45 Audience targeting and goals 
  • 25:43 Reaching intent groups in a cookieless world 
  • 34:10 Use cases 
  • 39:38 “Final exam”/key takeaways 

From all of us here at Rise: Thanks for attending our ‘class’! We hope you’ve learned some refreshing and useful new insights and tips along the way.

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