Episode 2: Measuring Incrementality: A Smarter Way to Drive Marketing Decisions

When it comes to making the most informed, cross-channel budget decisions, it’s important for digital marketers to know exactly how to wield their digital ‘rulers’.  Rise experts Julianne Scheidler (Sr. Manager of Analytics) and Natalie Scherer (SVP of Marketing) teach you all about incrementality using advanced analytics in ‘Measuring Incrementality: A Smarter Way to Drive Marketing Decisions’. We’ve added timestamps for your convenience below the video. Let the learning continue!

  • 0:00 Introductions and today’s lesson plan 
  • 1:59 The spectrum of measurement approaches and methodologies 
  • 7:14 What is incrementality? And, why are we talking about it now? 
  • 9:46 How incremental analysis differs from marginal analysis 
  • 11:32 Incremental returns identifies how channels perform within the marketing funnel 

  • 13:36 Different methods to evaluate incrementality 
  • 14:48 How Rise approaches incrementality 
  • 18:03 You don’t need perfect data to benefit from incrementality 
  • 19:28 Incrementality case study 
  • 24:33 Case study results 
  • 25:54 “Final exam”/key takeaways

From all of us here at Rise: Thanks for attending our ‘class’! We hope you’ve learned some refreshing and useful new insights and tips along the way.

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