Episode 3: Overcoming the Full-Funnel Conundrum: Making An Awareness-to-Conversion Marketing Strategy a Reality

We wrapped up our Back-to-School Marketing Binge Watch series with lessons from Natalie Scherer (SVP, Marketing) and Josh Tan (Director, Media Strategy). They discuss tackling full-funnel challenges through awareness-to-conversion strategies. We’ve added timestamps for your convenience below the video. Keep learning!

  • 0:00 Introductions and series recap 
  • 2:11 Lesson plan 
  • 3:09 What does “full funnel marketing” mean to marketers? 
  • 6:15 The reality of executing a full funnel strategy 
  • 11:39 Getting started with a full funnel strategy 
  • 12:33 Understanding how target customers consume media 
  • 14:57 Aligning the right communications task to each stage 
  • 18:09 Structuring top of funnel efforts: tactics & KPIs
  • 21:29 Technology helps “normalize” top of funnel comparisons 
  • 23:20 Structuring top of funnel efforts: creative experience
  • 25:20 Connect with your audience via sequenced messaging
  • 27:16 Understand how creative messages perform
  • 28:21 Factors to consider in determining budget allocation 

  • 30:23 Dial channels up/down based on performance of each tactic 
  • 31:17 Proving impact of top of funnel investments 
  • 32:39 Case study example
  • 35:15 How growing spend in the upper funnel grew search by 7x 
  • 36:56 Correlating video impressions with conversions 
  • 38:51 How greater brand visibility generated +506% add’l conversions
  • 42:19 Where can marketers improve? 
  • 42:38 Driving stakeholder alignment is the key to success 
  • 44:51 Share testing roadmap & ongoing learnings 
  • 45:40 Example top of funnel analysis designed to drive alignment 
  • 47:08 “Final exam” & key takeaways

From all of us here at Rise: Thanks for attending our ‘class’! We hope you’ve learned some refreshing and useful new insights and tips along the way.

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