Leader in Life Insurance

Increasing Qualified Leads with PPC & Closed Loop Reporting 


Targeting the Right Audience with Financial Products & Services

With financial services such as retirement planning, investment products and advice, and overall financial wellness support, a primary audience consisted of more affluent individuals

Closed Loop Reporting

Developed a closed loop reporting framework that allowed us to connect the raw engine leads our efforts drove to engaged leads, enabling us to optimize our efforts to KPIs more closely aligned to their business goals

Scaling Results Through Performance Marketing

Increased qualified leads by almost 300% through our performance marketing efforts 

The Challenge

A national leader in life insurance came to Rise with a need to drive qualified leads and policies. All historic efforts focused on driving raw media leads; however, as lead volume grew, the business was not growing proportionally.

Strategic Thinking Rise Brought

Rise implemented an offline conversion strategy to tie back engaged leads to individual keywords, enabling our team to identify which keywords were driving low quality leads vs. engaged leads. We were then able to accelerate the strategy through automation and auction time bidding leveraging the new offline conversion data.

The Strategy

Rise developed a solution to tie raw leads to engaged leads by channel and tactic

Re-prioritized spend based on keywords driving engaged leads rather than raw leads

Created bid strategies leveraging Auction Time Bidding to scale engaged leads

Delivering Immediate Impact

The Result

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