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Our Digital Marketing leaders sit down to discuss how platforms are evolving to create more engaging ways to connect with brands’ audiences and how it will change the way marketers approach their media strategies. This conversation covers all about these trends and our approach to: targeting in a privacy-centric world, creative for cross-channel environments, and all in on automation. This is the moment to unleash everything we learned from these past few years and start betting on innovative solutions to deliver unique experiences to our audiences while delivering results.

Topics discussed include: 
  • Automation to Perfection
  • Data Inputs
  • Upskilling Our People

Topics discussed include: 
  • An audience-first planning mentality will be key
  • Prioritize automation to allow for proper scale
  • Consumer consent and value exchange will determine the future of the open web
  • Shoppable ad formats and retail media networks will dominate the eCommerce space

Topics discussed include:
  • More Cookieless Targeting Solutions
  • A Focus on Full-Funnel Campaigns & Upper Funnel Tactics 
  • Invest in Automation Now To Future-Proof

Topics discussed include:
  • Constant audience engagement through personalization
  • Localized SEO will combat upcoming privacy changes

Topics discussed include:
  • Maximizing Media Spend Across the Entire Funnel 
  • Collecting First-Party Data, Cleanly 
  • Innovative Advertising Experiences for Buyers

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