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The Power of Pinterest is Yours With Connex

Working with our award-winning multimedia optimization platform, Connex®, means having a digital colleague that’s able to help you pull real-time data insights from the channels and engines you use, all in one place. Connex gives you an integrated view of what’s working or not, and empowers you to drive growth and success down to the granular level. It’s time to shine a spotlight on yet another way that Connex puts you in the driver’s seat: Its integration with Pinterest

Pinterest’s visual discovery engine allows users to explore a wide variety of content, which they curate through digital Pins. Knowing how to use Pins for paid social advertising is an effective way to connect visually with your target audience. 

Interested in how Connex optimizes the way you approach your Pinterest strategies? We’ll show you! 

What kind of insights can Connex provide me to drive results both on Pinterest and in my overall paid social campaigns?

Connex offers a Paid Social Insights view that provides a way to both see a platform’s performance alone, or alongside other social platform data. This allows you to keep a pulse on how your efforts on Pinterest are affecting your overall goals, and if they’re reaching your paid social KPI benchmarks. Here are two key actions you can take in this view to get right to the data you need: 

1. Use the filter option to narrow down your search results based on the exact condition you’re looking for. This allows you to see a specific platform’s performance in isolation. 

2. Need to see how the messaging and advertising for a specific group of products or services is performing with your audience on Pinterest? Connex has you covered! Its Paid Social Insights report has two unique views that allow you to see what is or isn’t performing well, in real-time: 

  • The Product Group view helps you see the performance associated with a specific group of products to inform further strategic decisions. 
    • EXAMPLE: You sell clothing, and you want to see how all of your advertising for the “coat” Product Group is performing on Pinterest
  • The Product ID view shows you an individual product’s performance, and its specific campaign details. 
    • EXAMPLE: You’re selling housewares, and you want to see how many impressions a specific SKU has on Pinterest. 

I manually retrieve reports from Pinterest’s native platform to make strategic decisions, but the process is slowing me down! What can Connex do to help me save time? 

Gathering and analyzing data manually is often a tedious and time-consuming task. If you’re spending more time sifting through reports and pulling data together than actually strategizing, we’ve got great news: Connex was built to cut through the noise and retrieve the exact data you need to see, right now. 

For real-time insights and tactical decisions, Connex has an alert for that! You can create Connex Alerts that indicate live performance shifts and trends — which can be delivered straight to your computer or mobile device. Connex Alerts equip you to expect the unexpected, and to make informed, data-backed decisions. Need to see what creative in your Pinterest Ads are resonating most right now? Connex has an alert for that. Want to know when a specific ad you’re running goes above or below your KPI thresholds? Connex has an alert for that, too! 

But what about for longer-term analysis? What if you need to pull reports on MoM or YoY progress? Or review specific audience segments over a longer period of time? You can skip logging into your Pinterest Business account for this one: Connex provides full reports and segmentation options that are quicker and easier to pull than what’s available on the native Pinterest platform. In short, Connex does the heavy lifting for you so you can have more time back in your day to focus on the strategic decisions that matter most. 

I’m managing multiple channels at once, and I want to make sure that I’m including Pinterest data in the bigger picture. How does Connex help? 

Connex offers cross-channel insights that allow you to compare multiple channels or engines at once to analyze performance from a convenient and holistic viewpoint. Whether you’re looking to see the cumulative results of all your tactics and segments combined, or you just want to see year over year ROAS for all channels in a single spot, Connex provides you with the picture you need to see. For Pinterest specifically, it allows you to view your Pinterest Ad activity in comparison with other paid ads you're running on both social media, and other channels and engines. 

PSA: With Connex, you can compare how your keywords are driving growth across Pinterest, Google, and Amazon. You can gather insights on the ways your Keyword strategy is affecting metrics like ROAS, CTR, and conversion rates.

EXAMPLE: You sell clothing, and you’re interested in how the search term “womens heavy winter coats” on Pinterest relates to your conversion goals. 

Pumping Up Your Pinterest Presence with Connex 

Leveraging Pinterest as a successful part of your paid social strategies is a breeze when you use Connex. Its features and reporting capabilities will allow you to maximize your budget while driving incremental growth, all while saving you precious time and energy. 

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02/02/2023 at 09:36