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Why You Need Connex for Better Retail Media Performance

The retail media landscape has exploded. With more retail media networks, or RMNs, there are more challenges for brands to measure which platforms and ad dollars are driving the most incremental growth. Marketers need to take full advantage of this boom in order to best reach their target customers where they already are— Shopping online across multiple websites. 

Even if you don’t yet know exactly what retail media is, you definitely have seen and experienced it. All of those sponsored ads that are displayed as you shop on a retailer’s website, RMN, or app are part of retail media. The retail media ecosystem now includes top networks like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Instacart, and The Home Depot.  

We all know that Amazon has a pretty loud share of voice, but here are some Walmart numbers that show the global retailer also isn’t messing around:

  1.  Globally, approximately 230 million customers visit Walmart-owned properties every week, either in-store or online. Over 65% of them are in the U.S.
  2.  90% of those U.S. households shop at Walmart every year.
  3.  Walmart pulled in $2.1 billion in advertising revenue last year.

Rise knows that retail media advertising, on leading networks like Walmart, provides an entirely new bottom-funnel location with a ready-to-purchase target audience. In order to best reach and convert these audiences though, you also need to be able to track, analyze, and optimize the data coming from Walmart. So then the question is, how do you do that? That’s where our Rise experts and Connex® technology come in!  

Connex Helps Improve Your Walmart Performance in Four Main Ways:

Connex Platform: Marketplaces View

1. First to Market 

Connex, Rise’s award-winning media optimization platform, helps connect the dots of Walmart performance within the retail media ecosystem and beyond. Rise is one of the first agencies to integrate Walmart data into a cross-channel media optimization platform through our partnership with Pacvue.

“When Rise approached us about leveraging Pacvue to integrate data into Connex, we saw this as a great opportunity to help tomorrow’s marketer stay at the forefront of retail media.”

Melissa Burdick
President, Pacvue

Being a first mover to integrate Walmart into Connex allows users to analyze this RMN data in real time, at scale, with performance transparency you won’t find anywhere else.

2. Cross-Channel Insights and Pacing, All In One Place

Connex helps connect the dots of Walmart performance within the retail media ecosystem and beyond. Users can access automated reporting all within Connex, instead of separate engines. This saves time and also provides a unique interface to compare and analyze all of your data and channels at once.

Risers and brands can then use Connex to maximize results across Google, Meta, YouTube, and other channels at the product, category, and audience levels. 

“Real-time advertising across channels is our north star and we will continue innovating our agency’s strategies and technology to get there.”

Larry Fisher
CEO, Rise Interactive

As part of the many tools Connex has to easily find insights, there is also a function for pacing. With one click, this shows you if you’re over, on target, or under for spend. You also can forecast your Walmart spend, on busy days for example, so that you only push bids when needed.

3. Product Performance

We agree, numbers are the key to optimized digital marketing performance. However, reporting on more than campaign or ad groups can help take it to the next level, especially for retail brands. Connex Product View allows you to easily see the performance numbers behind all your Walmart sponsored products.

Connex Platform: Product View

By design, different retail media networks have different audiences. Directly having a view of what is selling (or not selling) and where, helps you easily determine where to best allocate your dollars by product. You also can quickly track trending products so if Walmart is blasting through inventory of a certain item, you immediately know where to focus your attention so consumers always have their favorites within reach.

 4.    Real-Time Connex Alerts 

With access to Connex, Walmart marketers can leverage Connex Alerts, an award-winning, proprietary function that pushes real-time notifications about digital media performance opportunities. 

Instead of constantly looking for potential Walmart optimization points, Connex Alerts proactively notify users of areas of opportunity and risk right as they are happening. With Connex Alerts running 24/7, Rise teams take immediate action on value-driving opportunities to exceed business KPIs faster. 

Want to learn more about Connex and improving your retail media performance? Contact us to speak with our digital experts.

09/07/2022 at 04:07