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Take Your TikTok Performance to the Next Level, with Connex

With an ever-increasing number of paid social channels on the market (and popping up in our clients’ media mixes) today, we’re hearing this question more and more often: How can my brand stay on top of performance across all the various platforms we’re activated on? Luckily, Rise clients are able to find an answer to this question with incredible ease, with access to Connex.

Our proprietary, cross-channel media optimization platform, Connex® , takes the long hours and headaches previously associated with monitoring and reporting on multiple platforms’ performance away, leaving your team with more time for strategic decisions. For this installment of our Connex Spotlight Series, we’ll be focusing on one social platform that’s taking the marketing (and entire, for that matter) world by storm— TikTok— and exploring how Connex makes monitoring this channel easier for marketers.

On this mobile-based social media platform designed for creating and sharing short-form videos, authenticity is key to audience resonance and overall success. The same goes for advertising success on their platform. Therefore, having the most successful TikTok marketing campaign may likely require iterative testing and monitoring— and this is where Connex comes in. With the Connex x TikTok integration, Rise clients can enjoy the ability to view TikTok performance data alongside other Social platform performance data, all in one place.

Here are the five most helpful aspects of this particular integration:

  • Easily view TikTok performance data in the Connex interface, within the Paid Social view.
  • Streamline the comparison of TikTok performance data alongside other activated social platforms’ performance data, within the Paid Social view.
  • Review and compare Paid Social channel performance to the performance of other media channels, within the Cross-Channel Insights view.
  • Seamlessly configure and save reports and custom segments within Connex to quickly find the answers to your burning performance questions.
  • Automatically be alerted when your TikTok campaigns satisfy (or don’t satisfy) customizable performance criteria, with Connex Alerts.

To show just how valuable these features are to today’s digital marketer, let’s take a look at a few quick and common scenarios our clients face every day…

How can my team see how our TikTok ad performance data is contributing to overarching cross-channel goals like ROAS, leads, and won revenue? Connex.

What if I need to determine whether my brand’s TikTok or Snapchat ads performed best last week, in order to decide which channel should receive extra budget this week? Connex.

How can I see the performance of my Image, Video, and Carousel ads side-by-side, and determine which format is bringing my brand the most engagement? Connex.

Is there a way for my team to be automatically notified if one of our TikTok Video ads’ CTR spikes more than +20% on any given day? Connex Alerts.

We know your brand’s marketing department is busy. And while we don’t see that changing anytime soon, we can help make monitoring and reporting on your ad performance a much easier, more efficient process. With our Connex x TikTok integration, you can be on your way to making the most out of every ad dollar on the social media platform, without spending unnecessary time on the tedious reporting tasks that squash your productivity.

To learn how you can increase your team’s productivity and streamline your media performance data, contact us today.

04/28/2023 at 04:06