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Fintech Meetup: Two Key Insights to Evolve your Financial Brand

At Rise Interactive, we’re proud to equip leading financial services brands with finessed audience strategy approaches that are built to withstand the momentum of trends like the demand for audience-centric and personalized marketing, or the changes we’ve already seen in privacy-first regulations and laws. For any financial brand looking to future-proof how they’re approaching balancing privacy and personalization, the power of fintech is key. Consumers are demanding increasingly personalized experiences, and fintech is a way for financial brands to provide personalized and convenient options for both B2B and B2C audiences to manage their financial journey.


  • Mobile banking applications
  • Peer-to-peer payment apps 
  • Automated portfolio managers
  • Digital trading platforms

In the spirit of keeping our fintech knowledge sharp— and equipping our own clients with best-in-class fintech considerations and approaches— we attended this year’s Fintech Meetup in Las Vegas! This four-day event was packed with all things fintech content, from personal finance to lending to legal considerations. We’re here to share the top two major fintech insights we learned, that we think every financial marketing leader should know for success this year, and beyond. 

Priming Your Financial Brand’s Digital Infrastructure Is a Must

We are living in the golden age of fintech infrastructure. It’s never been easier to manage your finances and move money freely (and, usually, from the comfort of your own home). From consumers to major brands, fintech is enabling the ease and convenience needed to command a highly digital environment. However, it’s crucial to remember that effective digital transformation for any brand, regardless of industry or vertical, isn’t possible without the right infrastructure in place. For financial brands, knowing what’s happening right now— and what’s on the horizon for tomorrow and beyond— in the way of fintech advances will inform how you strategically refresh your core digital infrastructure, and meet the needs and wants of your audience. 

The good news is that there’s no lack of inspiration in the form of new financial products and experiences! They’re rapidly multiplying, and not only do they provide a modernized experience for your target audience, but they also provide exciting new opportunities to drive impact and grow your bottom line. For example, we’re seeing the consumer journey enhanced with new touchpoints through embedded financial solutions, which uniquely connect non-financial services brands with the power financial brands have to offer (Think: Retailer-specific credit cards being offered at a big box store chain location, or payment plans being offered at checkout by an ecommerce brand). We’re also seeing financial services and products become more approachable and inclusive of more audience segments through financial technologies like digital or tokenized currencies, which can distinctly democratize and streamline the investment process. 

Once you have an idea of the kind of fintech that would best align with your brand goals and the kinds of experiences you want to provide for your audience, you’ll have a better grasp on how to lay a sturdy foundation for adopting this technology. This kind of groundwork will enable you to keep up with fintech trends now and in the future, allowing for continued personalized experiences that meet your audience’s needs. And after you’ve laid the groundwork of your needs, you’ll want to consider if you should invest in a partnership to smoothly integrate your chosen fintech with your existing business operations. 

Data-Driven Automation Will Be Key to Impactful Audience Experiences

We predicted earlier this year that pairing upskilled talent with the right automation choices will be key to maintaining sophisticated audience-first strategies in a cross-channel environment. We’re proud to say that this prediction is coming true in spades, particularly in the fintech space. 

Historically, many kinds of players in finance (Think: Banks and investors) were slowed down by regulatory bodies and long-winded processes, and closing the loop on something like a loan or an investment was impossible to achieve in a short amount of time. Now, automation tools are providing a way to efficiently and effectively speed up these processes and cycles for everyone, from investors managing portfolios to a bank providing B2C loan products. 

Here are some current examples of how automation is changing the game for both brands and the audiences they serve: 

  • Through automated cash flow forecasting, financial brands are able to predict both customer and business cash flow more accurately and at an incremental level. This is equipping brands to underwrite loans faster and notably speeds up payment processes, fostering a frictionless experience. 
  • Feed AI tools the right data, and you can leverage multiple layers of traditional and non-traditional data to enable the accurate auto-decisions of process-driven financial transactions, like buying insurance policies or applying for loans. 
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements have unfortunately failed to stop financial crime in many instances. So, banks and other financial brands are starting to use the power of AI to better predict and prevent these crimes and fraud through pattern detection. 

Automation will never surpass what the human brain can do. But pair the right minds with its power, and you’ll be able to provide sleek financial experiences and solutions that ultimately drive positive growth and movement throughout your full funnel. 

Fintech Means Being Future-Facing

Our four days at Fintech Meetup proved that being ready for new experiences with evolving fintech solutions will benefit both your brand and audience. Making sure to properly structure your brand to handle these tools seamlessly, and strategically using automation to get the job done faster, will create personalized, powerful ways to really reach your audience in the way you want— now, and for years to come. 

At Rise Interactive, we’ve seen remarkable results in our work with leading financial services clients through a focus on fintech— whether that be refreshing a financial brand’s website to bolster value proposition, building out an analytics framework to measure iterative and incremental results, or increasing reach through cross-channel environments. We’ve even built custom financial resources and tools for our clients, to help them increase conversions and empower their users. We’re primed to tackle these trends with our data-driven approach to truly personalized and privacy-first marketing for financial services brands. 

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04/03/2023 at 05:12