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VIDEO | The Next Era of the CMO: Ditching “Brand” and “Performance” Marketing

Watch the on-demand webinar recording below to hear Forrester’s Senior Performance Marketing Analyst Collin Colburn and Larry Fisher, CEO of Rise Interactive, in a provocative conversation about:

  • The fundamental evolution CMOs need to embrace to be successful and future-proof their organizations for growth
  • New Forrester research exploring the implications of this future-state mindset 
  • A deeper look at how leading brands are rethinking their playbook 

Guest speaker, Collin Colburn from Forrester, will discuss the evolution from brand marketing and performance marketing to the need for your efforts to be the expression of the brand experience and the customer experience. Learn more about this new CMO mindset and what it means for marketing and media going forward.

Larry Fisher from Rise will then share examples of how to put Collin’s vision into action. What skills, talent, and technology will the CMO of tomorrow need to be successful? He’ll discuss why CMOs who are already thinking this way are one step ahead of their competition.

  • 02:45 - Introduction (Natalie Scherer, SVP, Marketing at Rise)

  • 03:58 - Meet Collin Colburn, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research 

  • 04:28 - Changes in the media landscape 

  • 12:06 - The classification of media as brand and performance marketing 

  • 15:57 - Beyond brand and performance marketing—the meaning behind persuasion and precision marketing

  • 20:25 - Understanding how to use persuasion and precision marketing 

  • 26:00 - Key takeaways of brand and performance marketing

  • 27:30 - Meet Larry Fisher, CEO of Rise Interactive

  • 30:11 - What does a CMO need to drive growth and customer relationships? 

  • 32:09 - The four areas CMOs need to focus on to win 

  • 45:34 - The new era of the CMO 

  • 47:00 - Audience Q&A

Meet the Speakers

Larry Fisher, CEO of Rise Interactive

Larry Fisher is the Chief Executive Officer of Rise Interactive and is responsible for leading the strategic direction of the business. With over 20 years of experience, his marketing expertise and roots in financial services have played a major role in the explosive growth of Rise as a data-driven agency.

Prior to CEO, Larry was instrumental in developing Rise’s vision as President where he was focused on guiding the revenue-driving departments of the organization such as Account Management, Client Service, Marketing, and Sales. Through his leadership and customer-centric approach, he has helped expand the list of distinguished clients such as Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, ULTA Beauty, Stanley Steemer, and Reynolds Consumer Products.

Larry is a board member for the Michael Matters Foundation and a member of the Forbes Agency Council, a selected group of business leaders chosen for the depth and diversity of their experience. He graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. In between travel soccer games and walking their family dog Miley, Larry enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids.

Collin Colburn, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research

Collin is a senior analyst on the B2C marketing team. His research focuses on current and future trends in performance marketing. Collin studies how consumers find brands and information and what strategies and technologies marketers can leverage to drive brand discovery, customer acquisition, and performance from their marketing efforts. His research topics include strategies and best practices for search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising, Amazon advertising, voice search, mobile advertising, local marketing, and emerging marketing channels.

Collin is frequently quoted in the press, including such publications as Search Engine Land, Digiday, MediaPost, The Drum, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Collin is also a frequent guest on Bloomberg TV.

Prior to becoming an analyst, Collin spent several years supporting Forrester's marketing leadership team. He fielded quantitative and qualitative surveys of marketing professionals and performed primary and secondary research for reports and consulting projects. Collin contributed to published research reports and client projects in the fields of digital media, programmatic technologies, email marketing, search marketing, and social marketing.

Prior to joining Forrester, Collin was a data analyst in financial risk management at GE Capital.

Collin holds a BA in economics from The Catholic University of America.

07/21/2021 at 10:26