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Predictions 2024: Lead Gen

Standing out in the realm of automation and AI, alongside prioritizing an advanced measurement framework, will be crucial for consumer services brands to thrive in 2024. As part of our Predictions 2024 series, Adam Krawiec (Sr. Director of Account Management) and Kirsten Iversen (Director of Paid Search) share their combined expertise on how to successfully generate leads in 2024 and beyond.

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Prediction #1: Tailor Automation to Stand Out from Competitors

Adam kicked things off with their first prediction: Adoption of automation to drive performance has become less of a differentiator and more of an industry standard. With that in mind, the challenge for consumer services marketers now is to build strategies that use new and cutting edge solutions to create a competitive advantage. 

Brands can drive differentiation: Leverage first party AND offline data signals to fuel automation strategies throughout the user journey.

While that might sound simple, there are many nuances to this approach as each user journey is unique and each brand’s data architecture is equally as unique. Collaborating with a partner like Rise, who has expertise in this field and can assist brands in crafting suitable automation strategies, will prove to be a game-changer in maximizing business impact in this ever-evolving space.

Kirsten provided a client example within the education sector to showcase this differentiated approach and results. The team began by taking  value-based bidding models a step further and adding a layer of predictive modeling. Instead of simply feeding the algorithms a dollar value for every step in the conversion cycle, the Rise team took a more granular approach to predicting the lifetime value of each customer by considering all the signals and touch points throughout the sales cycle. 

For this particular brand, we investigated signals such as the schools that students choose to attend or the degree programs they enroll in to better inform the model. Using this type of modeling will be imperative to helping brands stand out from their competitors by pinpointing exactly what value each customer brings, and thus identifying the type of customer they want to target most aggressively.

Prediction #2: Construct Media Mix with Advanced Measurement Framework

Building on their initial prediction, Adam and Kirsten emphasized the importance of having the proper measurement framework to inform our automated strategies. With the introduction of new privacy protocols across digital media, the traditional use of third-party cookies to create attribution models is no longer a viable measurement solution. Brands and their partners are now required to leverage their own data to develop and tailor a measurement framework specifically to their business needs.

Why does it matter?

To gauge the impact of upper and mid funnel media on bottom of the funnel results, brands need a measurement framework that links users’ interactions to the tactics and channels generating the highest impact.

Will it be challenging?

Not with the right partner. Rise, alongside our partners at Quad, has developed proprietary methods for constructing these models to address various business inquiries and drive media mix optimizations across channels, both online and offline.

Prediction #3: AI Will Need to Be Part of Your Process and Team

AI will need to play a larger role in team processes in numerous ways. Specifically, Rise is concentrating on seamlessly integrating AI into compliance and compliance reviews. This is crucial to ensure that we can continue innovating for our clients and leverage AI in a manner that prioritizes brand safety and advancement.

For instance, AI is known to quickly and efficiently generate content, including text assets and visual materials. However, these creations must undergo review by multiple teams and stakeholders before actually reaching consumers. There's a pressing need to streamline these processes and build efficiency around the use of AI.

Better Processes for Better Outcomes

Rise collaborates with consumer services clients to drive effective automation strategies, emphasizing efficient reporting and insightful measurement while integrating cutting-edge technology to streamline the process. 

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