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Prime Day? No Problem with Connex Alerts

As an e-commerce marketer, your most hectic moments likely revolve around major shopping events and seasons. These annual occurrences give your customers a small window of opportunity to score exclusive deals when shopping on their favorite retail media networks, making it imperative for e-commerce brands to keep a finger on the performance pulse at all times. Even if you are not yet advertising on retail media networks, keep this blog in mind for holiday, back-to-school, or whenever your peak season comes around. 

Traditionally, the calendar’s main shopping holidays have landed in Q4— but keep in mind that holiday seasons in the e-commerce sphere now go beyond the traditional timeframes. In recent years, Amazon’s Prime Day— a deal-loving online shopper’s “summertime Black Friday”— has become an e-commerce staple, requiring digital marketers to perfectly plan their creative mix, ad copy, budget, and more, months in advance in order to truly maximize this time. So, once the event is in full swing, how can you easily stay up-to-date on these efforts’ performance? Connex®, of course!

Our proprietary, cross-channel media optimization platform gives e-commerce marketers a cutting (and calming) edge during even the busiest times. It provides a real-time picture of every moving marketing piece so that you can make strategic decisions and shifts that drive bottom line impact, on the turn of a dime. And, its always-on capabilities are taken a step further by Connex Alerts, which deliver the most crucial performance information to you via text message, email, or Slack, right when it matters most— meaning you can work with greater peace of mind every day, even during the height of your busiest seasons. 

At Rise, we use the power of Connex Alerts to drive impactful results for our clients, and we’re here to tell you how to leverage these alerts to stay ahead of the Prime Day game. Keep reading to see three “Prime” examples of how Connex Alerts can help make Prime Day one of your best performance holidays yet!

Scenario #1: Product Spike

One of the featured items in my brand’s Amazon storefront is seeing a huge spike in sales right out of the gate, coming from multiple advertising channels— hooray! How can I make sure we keep that momentum going through the rest of the event?

THE CONNEX ALERT: Connex, alert me when purchases of X Product Line have increased more than 25% day over day, on any channel.

While Connex can’t tell you everything about your future (yet), it can let you know the moment your performance spikes, so that you can maximize the positive impact! 

This way, you’ll be alerted of a performance spike the moment it happens, which will give you a chance to make sure your ad bids for this product line are aggressive enough to keep those heightened sales pouring in from any channel.

Scenario #2: Multi-Campaign Performance

One of my brand’s promotional ad campaigns is driving considerably more traffic to our storefront than our other three promotional ad campaigns are. How can I give the top-performing campaign the best chance at driving record-breaking traffic for my brand, while monitoring for performance improvements on the other three campaigns?

THE CONNEX ALERT: Connex, alert me whenever any campaign on any channel has a CTR above 0.75%.

Identifying a top-performer is the first step to maximizing traffic and advertising performance. From here, you could either grab some incremental budget to add to the top-performing campaign while leaving your three other campaigns untouched and able to potentially drive traffic later in the event, or you could reallocate your bids on some of the lower-performing campaigns in order to try to boost their performance. Whatever you decide is most in-line with your brand’s goals, you’ll be able to act quickly and decisively when this Alert is triggered.

Scenario #3: Creative Testing

My brand is running two different sets of creative, on two different channels, that lead to the same featured product in our storefront. How can I find out which creative is reaching our audience the most?

THE CONNEX ALERT: Connex, alert me when any ad creative in my cross-channel campaign’s CPM increases or decreases by more than 20%.

Testing creative with your audience is the most tried-and-true way to decide, once and for all, what messaging, imagery, or CTA language inspires the most views and subsequent action from them. Savvy marketers also know that the best performer can vary by channel.

Once you’ve identified the Amazon creative that’s efficiently reaching the most users, you can not only increase the best ads’ budget to maximize impressions and performance during the event itself, but you can also use this data to inform your future product messaging efforts. Win-win!

Set the Stage for Success with Connex Alerts 

Whether it’s the winter holiday season or the height of summer, the e-commerce space has a lot of high-intensity shopping events that might seem impossible to conquer if you’re not enabling yourself to manage data and make strategic decisions in crucial moments. Set yourself up with Connex Alerts, and you’re equipping yourself with the kind of real-time strategic control you need to make any e-commerce holiday a major success for your brand’s bottom line. 

It’s never too early to start prepping for major e-commerce milestones like Prime Day (or even Black Friday!). We’re here to help: Contact us today to meet your newest digital colleague in the power of Connex! 

06/14/2023 at 12:51