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Questions Connex Answers: Part 1

Since we opened our doors in 2004, Rise has been committed to driving results for our clients through data-driven storytelling. Since then (nearly 20 years later!), we’ve seen the data landscape become increasingly complex— which is why we built Connex®, our proprietary media optimization platform that gathers and analyzes data in real time. Its ability to provide granular, cross-channel insights on demand makes it an incredible asset to everyone from your brand’s marketing team, all the way up to the CMO. 

Got a question for Connex? Here’s some highlights of the kinds of questions it can answer, whether you’re interested in high-level executive insights, or you’re in charge of the day-to-day campaign executions that set your marketing strategy into motion: 

We’ve gathered four commonly-asked questions Connex can answer for digital marketers, and explored how this platform can help you work— and rest!— that much easier. 

Four Common Marketing Questions That Connex Can Answer

Q: My brand is running a full-funnel campaign to increase our marketing efficiency. How does Connex help me review the performance of my strategy? 

A: The ‘magic’ of Connex is that it can provide a completely holistic, cross-channel view of the campaigns you’re running, thanks to our highly-coveted Cross-Channel Insights. This view gives you an accurate pulse on the performance of any full-funnel strategy you’re using, with the flexibility to analyze custom reports based on the KPIs that matter most to you.

CHALLENGE: You’re running a full-funnel ad campaign including both programmatic ads and paid social ads. You want to see how the different funnel stages are performing against each other across channels. 

SOLUTION: Head over to the Cross-Channel Insights tab, where you get a clear picture of how your full-funnel efforts stack up— against each other, and against overarching campaign objectives— across all the channels on which you execute. It enables a real-time, side-by-side comparison of how each dollar spent on each stage of the funnel is driving results for your campaign across your channel mix. This allows you to reallocate your budget and pivot your tactics on a dime, which will maximize your budget and results. 

PRO TIP: The Cross-Channel Insights view is especially helpful for pinpointing where any funnel stage on any platform is costing significantly more than the others— or driving up overall CPL— meaning you can remedy any overspending situation in real time. 

Q: My brand targets a variety of audience segments in order to engage both new and existing customers. How can I see which audience segments are performing best across the lifetime of the campaigns I run? 

A: Especially considering recent audience-centric shifts in digital marketing, it’s crucial to have a way to easily determine which audiences are proving most valuable for a variety of different actions and behaviors, including driving product purchases. Once again, the Cross-Channel Insights view is here to save the day: It has a customizable reporting capability that enables you to compare audience segments and how they’re driving your most important KPIs. 

CHALLENGE: Your brand is launching a new product line, with promotions on a variety of channels, and you want to determine which platform-specific audience segments are driving the greatest numbers of product purchases. 

SOLUTION: Pull up the Cross-Channel Insights view, select Audience and Platform from the segment selector, then select your main KPIs— like conversions and revenue— from the column selector and see how your different segments compare.

Q: With today’s emphasis on first-party data, my brand wants to make sure we’re using our proprietary CRM data to the fullest extent. How does Connex optimize this type of data?

A: First-party data is an invaluable resource for brands, and CRM data is one facet of this data goldmine. Because it speaks directly to who your audience is, where they’re interacting with your brand, and how they’re engaging, being able to factor this information into your digital media performance can truly take your analyses and optimizations to the next level. Fear not— our powerful platform allows our clients' first-party data to enhance their understanding of marketing campaign performance on a daily basis. 

CHALLENGE: You’ve launched a new service line, and you want to see which of your designated audiences has proven to be this service line’s most valuable consumer.

SOLUTION: Whether you’re analyzing via Cross-Channel Insights or on a single channel, feed your first-party data— like completed purchases, interactions with custom promotions, revenue margins by service line, and more— directly from your brand’s CRM system, into Connex. Then, use that data (in conjunction with other standard Connex KPIs) to determine which of your custom audiences simply can’t get enough of your new service.

Q: My brand is running a paid social campaign with several different sets of creative, and we want to know how each set is resonating with our audience. How can Connex help me understand how creative is performing?

A: From Instagram to Pinterest to Snapchat, social media users are inundated with a variety of ads and ad types that will resonate differently depending on the context and environment. Connex’s Paid Social Insights gives you a view of which exact creative is taking the crown in terms of CPM, CPC, CTR, and more— and which creatives might be driving up costs. Knowing which creatives get you the most bang for your buck will help you spend more in the places where you’re seeing better results, and reduce spend elsewhere. 

CHALLENGE: You’re running two creative variations for a recent ad launch on Pinterest, and you want to see which variation has the lowest CTR so you can reprioritize your budget to the best performer.

SOLUTION: Using Paid Social Insights to segment and compare your ad creatives, you can quickly pinpoint which creatives are underperforming, against each other and the campaign average. Knowing this information will allow you to continuously adjust and customize your creative mix in a way that is more likely to resonate with your audiences. 

PRO TIP: Want to keep up with how your creatives are resonating in real time? There’s an alert for that! Connex Alerts are customizable notifications that are sent to the places you communicate most, like Slack, email, and your mobile device. Using your very own custom parameters, they trigger when certain creatives, tactics, funnel stages, channels, etc. exceed or fall below designated cost, performance, or other benchmarks, empowering you to make swift strategic decisions at the most impactful times. 

Have a Question? Connex Can Answer. 

Driving long-term growth and future-proofing your marketing strategy for whatever lies ahead in digital marketing requires speedy answers to the strategic questions that will impact your brand goals. Whether you’re tasked with executing campaigns and gathering data day-to-day, or you’re a CMO sculpting the greater direction of your brand, Connex is here to answer your most important questions— right when it matters most. 

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