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VIDEO | Webinar on The Future of Audiences & Addressability: 3 Assumptions to Assess

Webinar on The Future of Audiences & Addressability: 3 Assumptions to Assess Webinar on The Future of Audiences & Addressability: 3 Assumptions to Assess

Watch the on-demand webinar recording below for an insightful discussion with Joanna O'Connell, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester and Larry Fisher, CEO of Rise Interactive. They discuss three risky assumptions that marketers are making about the future of audience targeting and addressability all with a mixture of research, practical strategies, and a healthy dose of perspective:

  1. “Personalization is dead”
  2. “Traditional walled garden players will hold all the power”
  3. “Agencies can’t help me with these problems”

Joanna and Larry show us how to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of audience addressability with specific actions marketers can start taking to not get left behind. Check it out! 


  • 1:46 – Larry and Joanna introduce themselves and their experience with Rise Interactive and Forrester

  • 5:40 – Joanna gives an overview of the current state of digital marketing 

  • 8:25 – Discussion on the concept of data deprecation 

  • 13:06 – How data deprecation will impact brands in the future 

  • 14:54 – Review of Forrester’s data 

  • 17:21 – Joanna’s predictions for the future 

  • 20:17 - Assumption #1: "Personalization is Dead"

  • 23:51 -  The role of identity 

  • 25:47 -  Audience targeting

  • 27:31 -  Sliding scale of relationship intimacy 

  • 29:20 -  Chat: Can personalization survive the death of the 3P cookie?

  • 38:14 -  Assumption #2: "Traditional Walled Garden Players Will Hold All the Power"

  • 40:23 - The future of Programmatic and what changes you should expect

  • 42:35 -  Diversifying Outside of Walled Gardens: What do marketers need to do differently?

  • 47:46 - Assumption #3: “Agencies Can’t Help Me With These Problems.”

  • 49:24 - How do agencies need to evolve their offerings to meet brands’ needs?

  • 52:16  - Closing and next steps

Meet The Speakers

Joanna O’Connell

VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Joanna serves B2C marketing professionals and is an industry expert on programmatic advertising. As VP, Principal Analyst leading AdTech coverage, Joanna explores the fast-evolving digital advertising ecosystem with a focus on helping marketers make the right organizational and technology decisions to power customer-obsessed marketing.

Larry Fisher

CEO, Rise Interactive

Larry is the Chief Executive Officer of Rise Interactive and is responsible for leading the strategic direction of the business. With over 20 years of experience, his marketing expertise and roots in financial services have played a major role in the explosive growth of Rise as a data-driven agency.

04/05/2022 at 05:13