Hitting the B2B Bullseye Through Sophisticated Audience Targeting

Audience Approach for B2B Brands

In this video, we share how Rise exceeded goals for a national B2B healthcare provider AND a large software engineering company. Watch how our precise targeting enabled accurate automation, full funnel transparency, and reporting across critical B2B channels, including PPC, paid social, and programmatic. 

The Challenge

Every B2B marketing plan needs its own strategy in order to most effectively reach new and existing consumers throughout a uniquely complex sales cycle. Rise meets this challenge with an audience-centric lens, using sophistication and granularity to precisely meet the right audiences at the right time. 

The Strategy

The Rise approach to B2B marketing is best showcased by spotlighting multiple clients at once! Watch below for the details.

The Result


More lead form conversions for a 

national B2B healthcare provider


Improved social CPL for a 
large software engineering company


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