Improve Website Conversions with User-First CRO Strategy

Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is a world leader in pediatric healthcare with more than 650 physicians, 3,400 employees, and 130 pediatric specialties and subspecialty offerings. The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital mission is “to inspire hope and promote lifelong health by providing the best care to every child.”

The Challenge

Nicklaus provides exceptional care for their patients, but online appointment scheduling was confusing and frustrating for users. Rise needed to digitally support the Nicklaus mission with an easier to navigate appointment scheduling experience. 

The Strategy

Rise’s approach to CRO is based on a deep understanding of the user. Creating the optimal user experience starts with just this, knowing the audience. Once you learn exactly how they interact with your product, you are able to test site variations to implement a data driven, seamless user journey. To increase appointment submissions, Rise therefore developed a comprehensive conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy focused on three main areas: 

1) Build a 360 degree view of the user. We developed a detailed strategy to fully understand what makes Nicklaus patients unique. We focused on the below to build a digital profile:

  • Analysis of site behavior
  • On-site survey for further details

The analysis of this data gave us three key insights into how to improve the user experience:

  1. Only 54% of all of the visitors on the appointment page went on to make an appointment, and only 3.5% of them actually completed the scheduling form
  2. Instead, the user went to find out more about medical services or exited the site 
  3. One of the largest groups who visited the appointment page and did not find what they needed, were looking to schedule an appointment for their child

After identifying the roadblocks to conversion, we then provided a prioritized list of recommendations for testing.  

2) Design and develop a fully integrated test. Rise's team used the 360 degree view of the user to create a test that surpassed traditional CRO programs capabilities. With our stack of design, development, and analytics experts, we designed new site mockups following the Nicklaus brand guidelines, created new front end code, and maximized both the desktop and mobile experiences. The test variation added clearer distinctions between appointment options along with scheduling methods to focus on relieving user hesitation and uncertainty.


The Result

The audience focused approach to conversion rate optimization services exceeded expectations and significantly increased their appointment conversion rate. 


increase in website appointments