Activating New Affiliate Partners and Technology

Affiliate Case Study

Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty is proud to be the largest U.S. beauty retailer and the premier destination for cosmetics, fragrance, body, skin, and haircare products. They also offer extensive salon services, personalized to fit each Ulta guest. The possibilities are beautiful. 

The Challenge

Ulta Beauty wanted to expand their already successful affiliate strategy and find ways to:

  1. Increase growth in Ulta Beauty’s current affiliate channel
  2. Avoid reliance on the three top-earning affiliates
  3. Improve internal tech resources and support

Leveraging emerging partnership technology, Rise Interactive turned to’s platform to hit Ulta Beauty’s goals. 

The Strategy

The first step was a “grassroots” discovery and recruitment process in collaboration with With new affiliates in mind, Rise’s team used’s Discovery tool and created a custom-targeted approach to find highly compatible partners. We determined the below key criteria to filter out and find the best possible partners:

  • US-based audiences
  • Experience working with health and beauty products
  • Heavily indexed towards commerce content
  • No requirements for single-use or vanity codes
  • Minimal to zero tech integration required from the Ulta Beauty team
  • Case studies with revenue/performance impact when possible

The teams then researched and connected with publishers and content creators easily—moving them through the onboarding process much faster than in the past. Next, we trimmed waste from the current affiliate portfolio: streamlining processes and focusing on partner performance. Detailed tracking metrics helped us allocate resources to talented, engaging partners. This way, Rise and Ulta Beauty could expand the top-earners list and build a broader partnership base. Finally,’s Partner Success team also used their own network to recruit from an even wider pool of potential partners. 

Throughout the process, we honed each step for ongoing improvements: 

  • Discovery
  • Recruitment
  • Contracting
  • Providing resources to partners
  • Tracking partner performance
  • Optimizing operations and boosting top performers

Collaboration played a major role in the success of Ulta Beauty’s affiliate program. By combining their drive and expertise, Rise and’s teams moved quickly and efficiently—saving Ulta Beauty time and money while knocking their goals out of the park. With Rise and on their side, Ulta Beauty’s team could now foster relationships with more diverse affiliate partners than ever before. 

The Result


Incremental Revenue


Additional Partners


Qualified Revenue Drivers

Rise,, and Ulta Beauty also turned this effort into award winning results. We won Bronze from the Partnership Awards for TOGETHER - WE SOLVED THAT! Congratulations to all of our teams for their teamwork and success!