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Cross-Channel Insights, All In One Place

From day one, Rise Interactive has focused on making every dollar count for our clients and partners. We were founded on an investing principle we refer to as interactive investment management® (IIM™), an advanced version of cross-channel optimization. Our award-winning media optimization platform, Connex®, was created to equip marketers with real-time, granular data and insights. Our expert engineering team has been working diligently to take that martech to a whole new level. 

We’re thrilled to announce that Connex now enables marketers to view cross-channel data and insights, putting Connex well ahead of the competitive curve. As an agency, we’ve shifted the focus from siloed data environments to providing cross-channel functionality and transparency. When you’re wondering why data is behaving the way it is, Connex has an answer for that with its cross-channel capabilities. 

Cross-Channel Dashboard, Chart, and Data

Here are the main ways that the Connex cross-channel expansion makes determining performance optimizations that much easier for brands. 

1. Transparent cross-channel insights, at any level of detail

Connex now lets you view cross-channel data and insights, all in one place, with your choice of how deep you want to dive.

For example, you can segment and view cross-platform performance by audience or filter campaigns by market. Yes, that means Connex can compare the performance of KPIs, ads, audiences, and tactics all together, in the same view. Or, if you simply want to see year over year ROAS for all of your channels in one place, with the option to add in more granularity like campaign names, you can do that too. 

Cross-Channel Performance by Custom Time Frame

2. Customizable user experience

Connex has the capacity to provide all the data views, segments, and filters you could ever want. Most importantly, though, it can be adjusted to only show exactly what your brand needs based on your bottom line and where investing dollars will be most impactful to your goals. 

Wish CTR was also shown as a metric for a new cross-channel creative test? Add it in. Don’t need to see Reach for an evergreen cross-channel campaign? Hide that. 

Cross-Channel View by Engine

Simply put, Connex is able to fine tune to the heartbeat of your brand and drive growth, in a way that’s molded to how your teams think and work.  

3. Alerts that enable quick action

Today’s digital marketer is dealing with a wide variety of challenges and considerations, all while managing the inherent complexity of any cross-channel campaign.

Now, Connex Alerts can send you cross-channel, personalized notifications

It’s data intelligence at its finest!

What is a cross-channel Connex Alert? Check out the below three examples:

  • Email me a Connex Alert when my most important KPI increases by over 25% for an evergreen, cross-channel campaign

  • SMS me a Connex Alert at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm if my promotion campaign, running on three channels and seven platforms, isn’t on track to goal or budget

  • Send me a Connex Alert when impressions for a new, cross-channel initiative rise by 10% from the day before in specific markets or locations
Cross-Channel Strategy, Made Easy with Connex

Marketers who can execute in a cross-channel environment — and who can take real-time actions like accurately assessing performance and shifting media tactics as needed — will be future-proofed for whatever lies ahead. From detailed insights, to customization, to real-time alerts, the Connex cross-channel expansion gives you complete control over your growth decisions.  Ready to evolve your cross-channel approach with Connex? Contact us today! 

11/22/2022 at 10:34