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Questions Connex Answers: Part 2 (Lead Generation)

Being a modern-day lead generation marketer comes with its own unique set of challenges. Privacy-first trends are shaping the entire landscape, especially with the deprecation of the third-party cookie fast approaching. And, customers are taking distinctly non-linear journeys throughout the entirety of the funnel. Lead generation marketers are responsible for tackling these challenges, all while orchestrating an often complex network of various marketing tactics across different locations and service lines.

In order to be a truly savvy lead gen marketer, you’ll need to have a way to answer your strategic questions in real time and adjust the impact your campaign efforts are having on your bottom line. We’re happy to report: That’s where Connex® comes into play! It’s Rise Interactive’s cross-channel media optimization platform that can act as a trusted digital colleague to drive amazing results across your entire marketing funnel. We’re here to show three common questions that Connex can answer for lead generation marketers, and how it lets you work (and rest!) much easier. 

3 Key Questions Connex Answers for Lead Generation Marketers

Q: My brand has multiple different service lines that are being promoted across various media channels. How can I see which channel is producing the most leads by service line, so that I can maximize them?

A: Finding that you’re not securing the kind of lead volume you’re after? Connex can help! It helps identify the channels and service lines (also known as ‘lines of business’) that are pulling in the most leads, and allows you to see areas of disproportionately-allocated spend across various service lines. Using these insights, you can see which channel and service line combinations are giving you the highest volume of leads— and then adjust your budget splits accordingly to support maximum lead generation. Even better, Connex Alerts can help you do this all in real time, so that as soon as the media stars line up to support an opportunity to drive more leads (and won revenue), you can capitalize on it.

Q: Part of the conversion journey for customers interacting with my brand involves offline touchpoints like phone calls. How can Connex help me collect data and connect the dots between phone calls and secured appointments? 

A: Identifying the correlation between your digital data and offline activity in a typical conversion journey might seem like an uphill battle. At Rise, however, we’ve found that leveraging the power of a trusted call data partner like Invoca to fuel Connex with invaluable phone call insights is the key to keeping up with where your customers are.

With the help of Invoca, you can use Connex to easily track the number of phone calls you receive against the amount of site visits you get, your CTR, and other KPIs— helping you to gain a better understanding of how your customer’s telephone touchpoints are playing into their larger conversion journey.

Q: As part of my cross-channel awareness efforts, I’m running paid social ads on Facebook. I’m trying to determine which audience segments are driving the most appointments for their level of spend on this channel, and which are underperforming against other segments and my greater brand goals. How can Connex help? 

A: If you’re looking for a powerful overview of exactly where your paid social (or other) efforts are having the most impact across various audience segments, look no further: Connex has your back! Check out the Audience view, where you can see exactly how different segments are driving metrics like revenue and leads— and for what level of spend. Therefore, if you see that one Facebook audience segment is driving very few leads and is costing the most budget, you can pivot some of that budget away from the audience, and push it toward a higher-lead-producing, historically-lower-budget audience segment.

No Lead Gen Question Left Unanswered with Connex

Being a lead generation marketer means juggling a variety of different challenges and complexities to drive goals like ROAS and company revenue. With the help of Connex, you can see the full-funnel picture— and drive leads— that much easier and faster through insightful answers to your strategic questions. 

If you’re ready to evolve your approach to lead generation, contact us today to get set up on Connex! 

04/06/2023 at 12:34