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Partnership Series: Your Key to Closing the Lead Gen Loop

In today’s complex digital environment, being a lead generation marketer means managing and streamlining customer journeys that are anything but straightforward. Especially in the considered purchase space, conversion relies on customers weathering a cross-channel digital trek to complete the buy. For example, in real estate, insurance, or healthcare industries, the customer journey often involves a phone call before a completed purchase or conversion. 

Their research shows that these kinds of phone calls are a crucial moment in the process. Yet, these purchases tend to start online with some sort of search.

A non-linear customer journey that encapsulates your entire digital ecosystem and phone call interactions leaves any lead generation marketer with a tricky challenge: How do I connect the dots between data from my digital channels and the phone calls my customer service agents handle day-to-day? How am I integrating all facets of my marketing, sales, and customer service strategies to execute my larger business goals? Despite the scope of this challenge, through the right tech partnership, you can execute a sophisticated, audience-centric, full-funnel strategy that truly drives impact and delights your customers. We’ll be exploring how we work with our trusted partner, Invoca, to get that job done!  

Overview of the Current Customer Journey Landscape

Before you can wield any data for strategic success, you must understand the data disruption caused by privacy-first shifts and cookieless environments. This disruption's complexity has also accelerated within the last few years.

While the technology we currently have available to gather and manage data is more advanced than ever, that only adds to the complexities since many customers have physical and digital relationships with brands. In short, you’ll need to integrate the right tech stack into the very fabric of your organization to manage your consumer data in a clean, consented way. 

However, this only covers half of the equation in high-consideration purchases. We already know that while many customers are testing the waters via digital spaces like search, they generally contact dedicated agents as they near purchase completion. And while your best cross-channel digital efforts might drive the traffic you need to your website or motivate a consumer to call, they won’t be able to cover what happens during the actual phone conversation, which could be the make-or-break moment.  In addition to the way you manage your digitally-based data sources, you’ll need a way to work this offline data into your tech stack to help you identify successes and areas of opportunity— and unite your customer service efforts with your marketing efforts.

The Missing Link Between Online and Offline Data

These are a dense and complex set of circumstances that lead-gen marketers must face. However, the good news is that a trusted partner, like Invoca, can help you bridge the gap between the activity on your digital channels and the interactions your customer service agents manage. Invoca’s automated call technology is proven to boost your bottom line by equipping your customer service teams with the ability to provide ongoing positive experiences based on data-driven insights. 

Check out this explanation of the power of Invoca by their very own, Lyndey Brock:


Instead of relying on siloed teams (Think: Your marketing team versus your call center agents) to drive overall brand success, Invoca unites your business units by offering the capability to leverage automated voice-of-customer analysis capabilities to understand the key conversion moments your agents are driving in your contact centers. In turn, this allows you to feed crucial offline call data into your own measurement frameworks so you can see a truly holistic picture of the entire funnel. For example, using Invoca as a partner means that you can analyze and score various call or contact center locations based on automated post-call surveys that can help shape QC scores. Using the data that Invoca provides helps to shape your ongoing customer service best practices and strategies in a way that truly closes the loop and secures conversions

Gathering and analyzing data from a partnership like this means that you’ll need to have a way to cleanly feed and manage your various data sources in a single hub. Wondering how that’s done? We’ve got a great solution: Rise’s cross-channel media optimization platform, Connex®, is built to integrate with partners like Invoca! You can use it to directly compare the performance of the upper-funnel work you’re doing to the results you’re getting from phone call interactions. And, Connex Alerts allow lead gen marketers to get real-time notifications about the performance of their campaigns, meaning you can get on-the-spot updates about how your call data is contributing to the successful execution of your cross-channel efforts. 

A Call for Savvy Data Management

The current environment for high-consideration purchases might be complex, but it doesn’t mean your daily work as a marketer must be. By understanding the challenges you’ll be facing, along with a proper partner like Invoca, you can maximize your cross-channel efforts while including the ongoing work your call center agents perform. 

Are you aiming to truly unite your contact center efforts with the entirety of your full-funnel marketing work? Contact Rise today! 

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