Snap to Success

Social Media Case Study

National Telecom Services Provider

This telecom brand provides reliable high-speed internet, digital cable, TV, and home phone services to markets across the country. Their award-winning internet service is always evolving to connect consumers to a world of possibilities.

The Challenge

Reaching high-intent audiences in serviceable areas via innovative touchpoints is a core focus for this national telecom provider. Their cross-channel approach to paid media includes social media, display, and search, but achieved economies of scale with their existing social media presence. The company needed a data-driven testing and expansion strategy to reach more qualified consumers and generate incremental demand. 

The Strategy

Drawing from key insights, Rise suggested an expansion to Snapchat's immersive social platform. Despite initial doubts about Snapchat's suitability for selling internet services, Rise's proposal inspired confidence in exploring new avenues. Continuous audience segmentation, with a specific emphasis on analyzing user behavior, showcased effective outreach to fresh, high-intent audiences. 

1. Platform Playbook

The current media mix of the company, comprising Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, does not overlap with a large majority of Snapchat users. Our research clearly indicated a noticeable absence of audience overlap across platforms:


2. Core Audience

Having recognized Snapchat as a promising platform, we directed our attention towards defining our audience segment. The primary target audience for this client comprises tech enthusiasts, gamers, and avid mobile users, all of whom are prominently present on Snapchat. Additionally, the client specifically caters to young, first-time internet buyers, a demographic well-aligned with Snapchat's user base. Notably, 30% of Snapchat's monthly reach falls within the 18-24 age group, making it an ideal platform to engage with this key audience.

3. Engaging Creative

After pinpointing our core audience, we focused on customizing our messaging for each segment at every stage of the funnel.

  • Snapchat creates the space to display uniquely immersive creative all while understanding that brands need to be able to efficiently build creative assets, especially across the digital marketing ecosystem. We were able to rework the client’s existing creative to still follow the unique placements on Snapchat without it being a duplicate experience.
  • Recognizing the need for platform-specific creative to communicate differently based on the sales funnel stage, Rise implemented a tailored strategy, testing new video content and brand messaging on Snapchat. This aimed to boost brand awareness, followed by price-based messaging to drive on-site conversions while optimizing content creation to resonate with Snapchat's quick-engagement audience.

Working with our partners at Snapchat, we used our historical social performance and Snapchat specific insights to inform the strategy. We started by testing conversion and traffic optimization campaigns within Snapchat to over 10 markets. 

We ran a mix of single image, video, and story ads, here are a few examples:

Snapchat Creative Testing Examples

The client's agility in adapting strategies based on performance analysis, integration with other channels, and compliance with platform guidelines were critical. The result was a successful diversification of the audience-first approach, showcasing adaptability and a commitment to data-driven optimization.

Currently, Snapchat commands nearly a quarter of the client's entire social media budget, and its share continues to expand.

The Result


Lower Cost per Serviceable Visitor


Better CPM


Improved CPC