Giving a Lightning-fast Brand Lift with YouTube

YouTube Case Study

Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer is a leading U.S. home cleaning services and product brand with independently owned and operated franchise locations nationwide. 

The Challenge

Increased competition in local markets made it more crucial than ever for Stanley Steemer to stand out. With over 110 individual franchise owners and 35 branches, Steemer had a lot of variables that could impact awareness and performance, making it difficult to parse out true insights from their cross-channel ad campaigns. Here’s how our team built on past performance and partner analytics to uncover key insights and inform future strategy. Oh, and we only had a week to do it! 

The Strategy

As Steemer’s trusted partner, Rise understood the importance of revealing how cross-channel digital marketing truly affected their target audience.

Our approach? A laser-focused YouTube brand lift study to delve into how targeted video campaigns impacted brand awareness and overall search volume, allowing us to monitor interest and search volume even after the campaigns were finished. To execute this week-long project smoothly, we broke it down into three phases: tailored creative development, campaign structuring, and thorough testing.

We began by utilizing passion-specific video creatives and a robust testing framework to identify appropriate messaging tailored to three target audiences and market segments, which we then tested through automation.

Our testing revealed that 15 second lifestyle videos resonated the most across all audience and market segments. 

In order to concentrate the survey responses and increase the likelihood of statistical significance, we structured the campaign in two ways:

  1. Segmented Steemer’s markets into two groups based on size.
  2. Paused competing creative and audiences.

Each brand lift study ran the same two questions generated for awareness or consideration:

  1. “Which of these household cleaning brands have you heard of?” 
  2. “Which of these household cleaning brands would you consider choosing?”

After seven days, Steemer saw the huge lift we were hoping for. We saw millions of impressions across both campaigns and reached over 5 million unique viewers.

The Result


Unique users


Improved CPM


Increase in search