Maximize Offline Data for Incremental Digital Growth

Multi-Location National Healthcare Provider

Multi-Location National Healthcare Provider

With exceptional, patient-centered care, trusted expertise and remarkable outcomes, this healthcare provider's goal is to exceed customers' expectations—every day, in every clinic. This brand is a nationally-recognized rehabilitation provider, specializing in research-based physical therapy, workers’ compensation rehab, employer worksite solutions, sports medicine, home health, and a variety of specialty therapies. 

The Challenge

This healthcare provider helps patients schedule in-clinic and telehealth appointments. Offering both online and offline physical therapy creates an easier patient experience, and a significant amount of internal data sources. In order to increase appointments, they needed to not only connect the physical and digital dots, but also then effectively use that data to convert offline activity into incremental digital growth.  

The Strategy


Rise suggested a collaborative strategy between partners to best reach the client’s target audience. The client needed a paid search strategy geared towards in-market individuals seeking physical therapy treatments while accounting for a number of complexities, including varied revenue margins by location and offline conversion integrations.  After thorough analysis, we found that their dollars could be better spent. 

Rise identified the most incremental appointments and prioritized spending on locations based on the revenue per visit generated. Given the complexity of this challenge, we collaborated with our partners at Google and Invoca to execute an advanced and strategic solution, outlined below:

  • Invoca dynamically placed phone numbers for ad experiences and attributed calls back to ad clicked, optimizing for high-value and high-performing calls. 
  • Google tools helped optimize campaigns based on the client's incrementality model through value based bidding.
  • Rise pulled performance data by keyword and calculated ROAS based on the incrementality values provided by the client. We then rolled out the below detailed paid search approach.

Rise's Paid Search Strategy

1. Warming up from CPL to ROAS

The brand was previously measuring the cost per scheduled appointment to evaluate search performance. Within 30 days, both teams were using ROAS to make optimization decisions. 

  • Migrated to Search Ads 360 to support the integration of offline data—in this case, realized appointments—at the keyword-level using GCLID matching.

  • Determined revenue figures from each realized appointment and developed a custom solution for integrating this data into a performance framework.

  • Built automated rules that bid more aggressively on keywords driving higher ROAS and AOV.

2. Breaking a Sweat by Proving Incrementality

Not all paid search conversions are created equal. Rise and the client knew that converting a patient who searched for a competitor is “more incremental” than converting an individual that was already searching for the brand. 

Instead of optimizing to drive the most efficient ROAS, regardless of whether or not the revenue came from a branded search or a competitor search, Rise developed a custom framework to measure Incremental ROAS that better reflected the likelihood that a conversion would not have otherwise occurred.  

3. The Big Flex - Optimizing Based on Incrementality

With the model established, we faced the final challenge: How do we pull this off and optimize based on incrementality? 

  • Tripled the volume of campaigns and budgets and assigned different goals for branded, non-branded, and competitor keyword campaigns. 

  • Layered unique budgets and goals dependent on location.

  • Launched new fields in SA360 for real-time Incremental ROAS at the keyword-level. 

  • Created a series of automated rules that optimized keyword-level performance to unique incremental ROAS goals based on location and the type of search.

The Result


Revenue YoY


- Stakeholder mindset shifted from CPL to ROAS, aligning the business plan closer to growth goals

- Digital goal evolved to Realized Revenue over Appointments

- Significant increase in digital's contribution to new patients